QC Profile

QC Profile
Chico Robot produces machines with CE/ISO/SGS/TUV and other international standards, and adopts well-known brands for spare parts and auxiliary equipment.
We manufacture the whole production line and we can control the quality strictly in each process.
We have over 20 quality control personnel and specific pulping system for testing machines and moulds before delivery.
Chico Robot's production quality management goals are: improve efficiency, ensure quality, timely supply.
1、Preparation before production: adhere to the standard organization of production, the equipment raw materials, processing parts, standard parts and other strict quality inspection
When all materials, processing parts, and electrical standard parts enter the site, the quality inspector will strictly accept the incoming materials according to the samples and relevant technical indicators, including the material appearance certificate, the signs that are consistent with the materials and equipment, and the quality inspection report. The processed parts of the incoming materials are tested for the accuracy of the metering, all the processed parts with unqualified accuracy are reworked, and the materials with quality problems are cleared out of the field in time. The company has set up strict technical standards, mainly including raw material auxiliary material standards, process standards, semi-finished product standards, finished product standards, inspection and testing standards, etc. Along the product to form this line ring to control the quality of the materials put into each process, layer by layer check card, so that the equipment production is in a controlled state.
2. Preparation before production: Training and education (prevention) for production workers before production
Control from the source, focus on prior education. Our company's production management personnel in the arrangement of daily work, will organize a group prenatal meeting, will be the assembly requirements of all equipment, installation methods, etc., to the production staff to do detailed instructions and training. Let the production staff understand that the correct installation method, the degree of installation is qualified, and the unqualified return union has a corresponding punishment mechanism.
3. Quality assurance in the production process: assembly is carried out in strict accordance with the "Assembly Drawing"
The production workers divide the work and assemble the equipment according to the "Assembly Drawing" and the "Assembly Flow Chart". Each production worker is required to fill in the assembly record and sign-in form in detail, and each production middle-level manager is required to fill in the production quality record in detail every day, clarify the responsibility of each production link, and ensure traceability.
4. Equipment factory quality assurance: strictly implement the shipment review, and check the appearance of the equipment, assembly standardization, and equipment performance test results one by one
Before the equipment leaves the factory, it is tested in accordance with the product factory testing procedures stipulated by the state. The quality inspection personnel inspect the finished products of each set of equipment in accordance with the relevant regulations, and fill in the program, and conduct aging tests on the procedures and mechanical actions of the equipment for at least 48 hours. Ensure that the delivered equipment is complete, brand new and there is no defect in the material process, and at the same time in accordance with the requirements of national standards, the product inspection records, certificates of conformity and warranty are issued.