Fully Automatic Pulp Molding Tableware Machine

Product details:
Origin: Guangdong, China (mainland)
Brand name: Zhike robot
Certification: Ce
Model: zkcx950-950

Payment and transportation terms:
Minimum order quantity: Negotiable
Price: negotiation
Packing details: strong and seaworthy
Delivery time: usually 100-120 days
Payment method: letter of credit, telegraphic transfer, cash, Western Union remittance
Supply capacity: 100 sets / year
1.   Equipment name:Fully Automatic Pulp Molding Tableware Forming Cutting Machine
      Applicable products: pulp molded tableware products
2.   Functions: forming, transferring, trimming, stacking and conveying are completed in one.
3.   Forming method: vacuum suction
4.   Layout size: 950mm*950mm
5.   Heating method: heat transfer oil or electric heating
6.   Maximum boosting pressure of sizing machine: gas-liquid boosting 40t
7.   Trimming machine pressure: 60t
8.   Product transfer mode: external transfer of truss manipulator
      Control mode: plc+ touch screen
9.   Maximum height of production product: 80mm
10. Other specifications and models of equipment
Equipment size
Boost pressure

Equipment characteristics

Serial number
main features
Supplementary notes
With fully automated production, the investment cost is relatively low
Compared with other automata, the investment cost is lower when the functions of forming, transferring, trimming, conveying and stacking are realized.
The comprehensive production energy consumption cost is relatively low
The heating plate has good heat transfer effect and relatively low air consumption.
Reduce the employment and reduce the employment cost of enterprises
One person can see 3-5 machines without ordinary production operators
One person can see 3-5 machines without ordinary production operators. The equipment has high precision and the product qualification rate is improved
The shaped upper / middle / lower plate is made of nodular cast iron. The plate thickness and connecting parts are designed through professional stress analysis, which is not easy to deform, with high strength and small coefficient of thermal expansion. The repeated positioning accuracy of the manipulator is within 5 seconds.
Long service life of equipment
The manipulator crossbeam is processed by large-size square, and the whole machine has strong bearing capacity and stability.
Relatively high production output
A set of system online control, simple action. Discharge control and vacuum pumping matching optimization design, fast forming time; Optimized design of heating plate, high heating efficiency and increased output.

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