Pulp Molding Cutlery/Cup Lid Machine

1.  Applicable products: pulp molded cup cover, high-end electronic product packaging, cosmetics packaging, high-end Baijiu packaging, high value-added handicraft packaging products.
2.  Forming method: reverse suction
3.  Layout size: 1100*800mm
4.  Heating method: heat transfer oil or electric heating
5.  Maximum boost pressure: 60t
6.  Maximum height of production product: 150mm
7.  Product transfer mode: multi joint robot out of mold transfer
8.  Control mode: Siemens PLC
9.  Production capacity: take 90 coffee cup covers as an example, with one output of 48, the daily production capacity is about 130000 (5.5G), about 715kg

Equipment characteristics
The six axis multi joint robot takes the extruded wet embryo and transfers it to the left and right hot presses for hot pressing. Then, the multi joint robot takes the finished product out of the hot press, places it on the conveyor belt and automatically transfers it to the outside of the guardrail. Finally, the finished product is collected manually.

Equipment features:
1. Characteristics of forming method: the reverse suction method is adopted. The four pivot points of the pulp box rise and fall synchronously. The suction is uniform, the suction and drainage speed is fast, the bottom is fed with pulp, and the appearance is simple. The production of high-quality work package can produce high-quality cup covers with 0 draft angle and less than 0 degrees (i.e. inverted buckle)!
2. The upper and lower dies of hot pressing are equipped with vacuum and air blowing functions
3. The whole machine control system is controlled by Mitsubishi PLC, with a high degree of humanization of the operation interface, matching and optimizing the design, and improving the production capacity
4. Four oil cylinders are used for the lifting and lowering of the pulp box. The lifting and lowering of the pulp box is more stable to ensure the uniform suction of the pulp, and the qualified rate of the production of high-quality work package products is higher
5. Double sided forming machine is adopted for turning and sucking pulp, which has higher efficiency and more stable structure; The design of vacuum suction and blowing pipeline of forming die is reasonable, and the blowing and suction effect is good
6. The heating plate is welded with high-quality aluminum, with higher heat transfer efficiency. The air chamber is designed to match the heating plate, the middle plate and the lower plate, so that the exhaust is faster and the product qualification rate is high.

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