Single-end Automatic Flip Suction Cup Lid Forming Machine

It is equipped with a product receiving platform to realize automatic production of tableware and high-quality work package products.
Applicable product range: pulp molded cup lids, high-end electronic product packaging, cosmetic packaging, high-end liquor packaging, high value-added handicraft packaging products, etc.
Forming method: flip suction
Layout size: 1200*800mm
Heating method: heat transfer oil or electric heating
Pressurization method: oil pressure 50 tons
Maximum height of production products: 130mm
Product transfer method: in-mold transfer

1. Through special design and processing technology, the forming mold frame blowing pipe is completely isolated from the vacuum pipe, which solves the common phenomenon of water droplets during blowing transfer in the industry, and improves the qualification rate of products.
2. The wide enough pulp box space and the ingenious pulp overflow structure ensure the uniformity of the products.
3. Precision helical rack and pinion traverse structure allows stable and accurate positioning.