Semi-automatic Pulp Molding Tableware Forming Machine

Product Description: 
the product is formed by turning and sucking slurry, and the product is transferred in the mold by hot pressing. It is equipped with a product receiving platform to realize the full-automatic production of tableware and high-quality work package products.
Applicable products: pulp molded tableware, high-end electronic product packaging, cosmetics packaging, high-end Baijiu packaging, high value-added handicraft packaging products, etc.
Forming method: reverse suction
Layout size: 800*600mm (or other customized countertops)
Heating method: heat transfer oil or electric heating
Hot pressing pressure: oil pressure 40t
Maximum height of production product: 150mm
Product transfer mode: in mold transfer
Production capacity: Taking 20g 10 inch disc as an example, the daily production capacity is about 600kg.